Naphill & Walter's Ash Gazette Advertising

The Naphill and Walter's Ash Gazette operates two types of adverts. There are the Large Adverts (boxed) that appear on the front and back pages and the Small Ads (lineage) section that appear within the body of the magazine.

The large adverts space is taken and renewed annually. The advertising year runs from 1st March to end February. The rates are:

⅛ page A4 £45 for 10 editions
¼ page A4 £85 for 10 editions
½ page A4 £170 for 10 editions
Full page A4 £525 for 10 editions

There is usually a waiting list for this space. To be added to the list please let our Advertising Manager have your name, address and telephone number plus a description of what you wish to advertise.

Small Ads

These are text only and are a maximum of 40 words. They can be added at any time, can start immediately and can run for as many months as you wish. A new advert will be tagged 'new' for the first month.

Cost per month £5
Cost for 5 months in advance £20 (for 5 editions)
Cost for 10 months in advance £35 (for 10 editions)

To enquire about advertising please contact: ku/gro/llihpan//gnisitrevda

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